Ben Bergeron’s 10 Habits to Avoid

I don’t know if you guys knew this, but Coach TayMo has quite the man-crush on Ben Bergeron (at least he has good taste, amiright?). Perhaps you are new to the CrossFit scene (or you live under a rock) and don’t know who he is, so allow me to “introduce” you.

Ben Bergeron owns several CrossFit affiliates in New England, and while those affiliates are quite successful, he is probably better known as the coach of several elite CrossFit athletes (ie. Katrin Davidsdottir, Brooke Wells, Cole Sager). As the coach of literally some of the best in the world at our sport, he has gained a platform which he uses to talk about coaching, business, nutrition, fitness, and lifestyle. He has his own website, as well as a podcast, called Chasing Excellence (that’s also the title of his book should you be so inclined) to broadcast this information. Ben is an extremely grounded and wise man who knows his goals and priorities. Someone like that is easy to take advice from because it comes from a place of efficiency and logic, not rash emotion.

As I have listened to his podcast each week, I am also reminded constantly of his passion for what he does and how he wants to help people. Often his advisements are so simple (yet applicable) and he makes moving the needle in a positive direction seem achieveable instead of overwhelming.

In his latest podcast he talks about 10 Habits You Should Avoid Having. While some of the habits are probably things that you would expect to hear, I think you will be surprised by others. Click here to listen via YouTube, or download his podcast on iTunes. It’s only 24 minutes long so I don’t wanna hear any excuses as to why you don’t have time to listen 😉 Put it on while you are in the car, making dinner, going for a walk or maybe while you do some mobility work. You never know, there may just be the piece of information you’ve been looking for to make a change in your life.